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Northwester 2 Testing & Termination Works

De-armoring cables : Medium Voltage & Fibre Optic Termination & Testing : 12 Hour Working


Northwester 2 is a 219MW offshore wind farm in the North Sea, off the coast of Ostend in Belgium. H&Askham was awarded the Testing and Termination Scope for Northwester 2, assigned by NSW, a subsidiary of General Cable, which recently became part of Prysmian Group.

H&A deployed highly experienced offshore teams consisting of Medium Voltage jointers, fibre optic technicians, cable mates, testing technicians, tools and equipment, as well as supporting management and logistical personnel, to complete the preparation, installation and testing of Northwester 2 subsea cables.



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Project Location North Sea, Belgium

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The subsea cable installation of Northwester 2 was separated into two main phases. During the first phase, the cable installation contractor installed the cables, including temporary hand-offs and temporary cable supports.

The second phase, which was part of the H&Askham scope, consisted of de-armoring and preparing the cables, installing the permanent cable hang-offs, routing the Medium Voltage cable cores to the switchgear, termination of the Medium Voltage cable cores, splicing the optical fibres and testing of both power and optical cables. There were three sizes of 36Kv array cables used on the project, XLPE aluminium conductors 800mm2, 500mm2and 240mm2.

H&Aaskham work scope on Northwester 2 was completed between December 2019 and May 2020.


Key services involved in the delivery of this project:

  • De-armoring cables
  • Cable hang-off
  • Cable preparation
  • Routing & cleating of medium voltage & fibre optic cables
  • Termination of fibre optic & medium voltage cables
  • Testing of fibre optic & medium voltage cables
  • Daily & As-built quality & technical reporting
  • Equipment dismantle & demobilisation
  • 12 hour working


H&Askham provide medium, high and extra-high voltage termination and testing services for global on and offshore projects, including export, array and fibre optic cables.

Our highly experienced multi-skilled teams, deploy the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques. H&Askham Testing and Termination solutions range from the supply of manpower, through to engineering and project management, for array cable terminations.

We now also provide a leading digital reporting system, providing streamlined and up to date progress, quality and health and safety information to our clients, quickly, efficiently and in real-time.


Our highly skilled in house teams of medium voltage and fibre optic technicians, riggers, foremen, project engineers, site managers and project managers, include some of the most experienced in the industry – adapting to any challenges presented, with a pro-active, problem solving approach – demonstrating 100% professionalism at all times.